Adoption Services & Buying Old Dolls

Adoption Services & Buying Old Dolls

It’s hard to part with your most cherished dolls; we understand that. That’s why we offer to buy old dolls, giving them a new home and a chance to be cherished again.

Perks You Get When You Choose Us

  • Respect for Doll Heritage

We understand the unique stories and memories embedded in old dolls. Our adoption services are crafted with a deep respect for the heritage of each doll, ensuring that its historical and sentimental value is recognized and preserved.

  • Transparent and Fair Transactions

When you choose Atlanta Doll Clinic for adoption or purchasing services, you can trust in transparent and fair transactions. We provide clear communication throughout the process, ensuring that both the seller and the new owner are satisfied with the arrangement.

  • Comprehensive Doll Restoration Services

As experts in doll restoration, we go beyond mere adoption or purchase. Our comprehensive doll restoration services ensure that each adopted doll receives the care and attention needed to revive its original charm and character.

Our Seamless Process for Adoption Services & Buying Old Dolls

  • Contact Us

Begin the journey by reaching out to Atlanta Doll Clinic. Contact us via phone or email, or visit our studio to discuss the dolls you wish to put up for adoption or sale.

  • Initial Consultation

Schedule an initial consultation with our experienced team. During this session, we’ll discuss the history, condition, and unique features of your dolls. This helps us provide an accurate evaluation.

  • Doll Assessment

We conduct a thorough assessment of each doll. This includes evaluating physical condition, historical significance, and sentimental value. We consider factors like age, materials, and manufacturer details.

  • Fair Valuation

Based on the assessment, we provide a fair and transparent valuation for your dolls. Our goal is to ensure that both the seller and the new owner are satisfied with the transaction. Valuations are determined with respect to market trends, rarity, and conditions.

  • Adoption Agreement or Purchase Offer

Once a valuation is agreed upon, we present you with an adoption agreement or a purchase offer. The agreement outlines the terms and conditions, ensuring a clear understanding of the transaction.

  • Adoption Process

If you choose our adoption service, we carefully match your dolls with new owners who appreciate their unique qualities. We handle the adoption process with sensitivity, ensuring each doll finds a suitable and caring home.

  • Purchase Process

For those opting to sell their dolls, we facilitate a straightforward purchase process. Payments are made promptly, and we take care of all necessary documentation for a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

  • Optional Restoration Services

As part of our commitment to preserving the charm of old dolls, we offer optional restoration services. This ensures that each adopted doll receives the care needed to bring it back to life, enhancing its overall appeal.

  • Documentation and Transparency

Throughout the process, we maintain clear communication, providing documentation for all transactions. Our transparent approach ensures that you are well informed and confident in your decision.

Choose us for adopting or selling old dolls, where each step is guided by expertise, transparency, and a passion for preserving the legacy of these timeless treasures.