Recovery Room

Step Inside Our Doll Recovery Room

Our exclusive doll recovery room is a carefully curated space that keeps the doll secure and nurturing environment for your cherished dolls once their restoration journey is complete.

  • Serene Atmosphere

The recovery room has a serene atmosphere designed to evoke tranquility and peace. Soft lighting and pastel hues create a comforting ambiance, ensuring that every doll feels at ease in its newfound haven.

  • Individualized Compartments

Each doll in our care is allocated its own individualized compartment within the recovery room. This bespoke approach ensures that every restored treasure is separated from others, preventing any potential contact or mishandling.

  • Temperature and Humidity Control

Our commitment to the well-being of your dolls extends to maintaining optimal environmental conditions. The recovery room is equipped with temperature and humidity control measures, safeguarding against any adverse effects on the dolls’ materials.

  • Customized Padding and Support

Within each compartment, dolls are securely placed on customized padding and supports. This careful arrangement prevents any unintended movements and protects delicate features, ensuring that the restoration work remains intact during their time in the recovery room.

  • Security Measures

Access is restricted to authorized personnel only, guaranteeing that your dolls are safeguarded against any potential risks. Our facility employs state-of-the-art security systems to provide an additional layer of protection.

Regular Monitoring and Inspection

Our dedicated team conducts regular monitoring and inspections of the recovery room. This ensures that any unforeseen issues are promptly addressed, guaranteeing the continued safety of your restored dolls.

Rely on us not only to restore but also to provide a secure and loving sanctuary for your timeless treasures!